Communication & Assertiveness

Communication is the heartbeat of relationships, and challenges with assertiveness can impact personal and professional interactions. At Midpoint Psychology, we recognise that communication and assertiveness are integral aspects of mental health.

What is Communication & Assertiveness?

Communication and assertiveness involves the expression of thoughts, feelings, and needs in a clear and respectful manner. Difficulties in this area may manifest as struggling to express oneself, fear of conflict, “people-pleasing”, or difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

Symptoms of Communication & Assertiveness Issues

Difficulties in communication and assertiveness can lead to feelings of frustration, unmet needs, and strained relationships. Aggression, anxiety, avoidance of confrontation – or passive communication patterns can also indicate that your overall wellbeing may be suffering.
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How Therapy Can Help

Therapy provides a supportive space to explore and enhance your communication and assertiveness skills. Our experienced psychologists can assist you to develop effective communication strategies, maintain boundaries and minimise stress.

Ready to Hone Your Communication Skills?

If you’re seeking support to improve your communication and assertiveness skills, our team at Midpoint Psychology is here for you. Take the first step towards more effective communication and book an appointment with one of our skilled psychologists. Together, we can empower you to navigate your relationships with clarity and confidence.