Christopher Forte

Business Director

Chris Forte Midpoint Psychology Darwin

About Chris

Chris relocated to The Territory with his family in 2021 and brings a wealth of experience to Midpoint’s operations. With a background in business, mining, and defence, he has held a number of managerial and technical positions both within Australia and overseas.
Beyond the professional realm, Chris is a warm, down-to-earth person with a passion for making a positive impact. He has a knack for taking a hands-on approach to business and is deeply committed to supporting the Midpoint team and understanding the needs of its clients. It’s not just a numbers and strategies game for Chris; it’s about contributing to therapeutic quality and ensuring Midpoint is a place where everyone feels heard and valued.
Chris is a driving force behind Midpoint’s mission to create a supportive environment where compassion and professionalism go hand in hand – where mental health and wellbeing lay the foundation for a brighter, shared tomorrow.