The prospect of seeing a psychologist can be accompanied by uncertainty. This is very normal. To help ease any apprehension, we want to provide a brief overview of what typically unfolds during an initial session at Midpoint Psychology.

The primary focus of the first session is to engage in a meaningful conversation about the reasons you are seeking therapy.

What is bothering you most? How long have these concerns persisted? In which situations and contexts do they arise? Have you encountered similar challenges before – if so, when did they start?

Exploring your unique strengths and previous attempts at resolution will also be part of this discussion.

Time permitting, we may delve into aspects of your background, including your family of origin and medical history. These details play a role in understanding the broader context of your experiences, and we’ll explore them in greater depth in subsequent sessions as needed.

Now, let’s address the unavoidable administration. You will be guided through our confidentiality policy which outlines the procedures in place to safeguard your information. This step is a legal requirement to which we, as psychologists, must adhere. Additionally, we will discuss informed consent and any relevant aspects of the therapeutic process – such as the possibility of experiencing uncomfortable emotions. Alongside these, you’ll be provided with a brief questionnaire covering common symptoms. This can provide valuable insight into your mental health and also allow us to track your progress over time.

At Midpoint Psychology, we understand that the first session may feel like a labyrinth of information and paperwork. Rest assured, our aim is to create an inviting and supportive space for you to openly discuss your concerns. Our approach is tailored to your needs and it is our aim to make your experience of therapy deeply affirming and empowering. After all, you have already done so much just to get here.